CANADA'S Period Subscription Box

Delivered monthly to CANADA!


Every month we'll hand pick chocolates, snacks, teas, comforting items sourced from both local vendors and the brands you love (we'll try to make each box unique for you!). However, what you'll receive each month is a total surprise ( don't you just love that!)
Hint: A perfect combination of pamper & comfort.

Our customer feedback

★★★★★" I love this box... Love everything that was in there and must say I'm impressed because there was more than I thought for a smaller box.. Next month I've upgraded to the bigger box :) can't wait... Will for sure recommend this subscription box to everyone. Thanks"

★★★★★" It was excellent. I loved the simple packaging and the little personal touches. there were things I didn't like, which is totally understandable :) but that just means I got to give stuff to my mom. Keep up the good work!"

★★★★★" I am beyond happy with what i received. It was more than I expected and im very excited to start enjoying it all :) "

"I am so excited to have received my box you guys are amazing i am so excited for my items you guys outdid yourselves super excited for every month to get you guys thanks @nomorepmsing for making my day especially since this week has been brutal.... "

"You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up to the mail man delivering THIS!! Just got my first @nomorepmsing box and I am flabberghasted! From the personalized label before you even open the box to the hand written card I am so impressed. THIS is a Canadian subscription box done right."

Our Vendors


    give back. WITH NO MORE PMSING BOX

    With every nomorepmsing box, you're not only making your periods a much better time but also supporting the women in need. A portion of our proceeds will be used to buy hygiene products for local groups supporting women because we believe hygiene products are a necessity, not a luxury.